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Mombasa Escorts Guide

Mombasa Escorts in club partying the night away
Mombasa Escorts partying the night away

Whenever one hears of Mombasa the first thing that comes to mind is the term “Mombasa raha” which means fun with Mombasa escorts. Mombasa is a city on the coast of Kenya with amazing views to the Indian ocean and the coastal city that never sleeps due to fun parties that go till the morning hours of the next day. This has seen an increase of Mombasa escorts since the city doesn’t only boasts of its amazing scenarios like Fort Jesus, but sex tourism is one thing that has seen the rise of Mombasa as one of Kenya’s and tourists from abroad best place to go as your dreams will come through.


Ever wanted to get your dick or pussy licked by the beach, with the sounds of the waves filling the air, and the warm breeze just setting the mood right while your try grabbing to the sand cause the pleasure is too much. Then the Mombasa escorts are what you need to experience the Mombasa raha feeling to the fullest. Ladies located in Mombasa are known to have Kenya’s biggest matakos (ass), the coastal women are the friendliest, and know how to treat a man and pamper them. If you have ever experience with any coastal woman, you know how had it is to even leave them. The male escorts are also the best, mostly known as beach boys, they are among the highest reasons why couples who visit Mombasa divorce after meeting them, their big dicks, and sweet tongue will drive any woman crazy.


With Mombasa life being all about the party and fun, you can miss them in entertainment clubs in Mombasa like Casablanca club or Florida Night Club & Casino. If there’s a concert or show happening in Mombasa you will always find them, and the way to spot them is they will always keep glancing at you and some will even approach and offer themselves to you.

Mombasa beaches should as well be known as lodgings with the amount of fucking that happens there especially at night. Walking in the early morning in public beaches you won’t miss finding one or two condoms floating around. The amount of people who have sex by the beaches in Mombasa is so high that it is now considered casual to bump to a couple making out by the beach especially in the evening hours.


Erotic Kenya escort touching her red lip with her red sexy nails
Erotic Kenya Logo with Mombasa Escorts listed

Mombasa escorts have been in the rise especially in the past few 2 years since 2018. Most escorts being campus girls from other towns, or at times being sexually unsatisfied wives they have opted to list themselves online since it’s more private and fewer risks are involved. Most of the tourist who visits Mombasa always search for Mombasa escorts with the hope of finding someone online. This prompted most of the prostitutes or escorts who were offline get online as they found they were missing a huge opportunity.


To book a Mombasa escort online, one first needs to consider their location or the location of the escort, the service they are offering, the cost for the service and if the site they are using is reliable. Once all these are considered:

  • You should first visit  https://erotickenya.buzz/ on their phone, computer, or laptop browser.
  • On the location search tab enter any location in Mombasa or one can choose the Mombasa Escorts option to show you all the escorts listed in Mombasa.
  • Once you choose the enter the location, on the other service search option, enter what you are looking for. It can be service or body-type. The body types range from; slim, petite, curvy and BBW. The services will range from; anal, GFE, ass-rimming, shaving and threesomes
  • Once you search the escorts will appear showing a detailed list of various estates in Mombasa, choose one that’s suitable with you and call/ text/ WhatsApp them up. Calling them up is always recommended since most of the escorts might be offline, or they receive hundreds of messages and might miss your message.


  • TUDOR­– With establishment Technical University Mombasa, saw arise of a flood of many young girls and boys. And due to lack of unemployment, most have opted to join Mombasa escorts as a means to survive and not lack their daily needs and wants. The escorts here are usually like you as 18 and most are looking for a good time with no strings attached, but most are not born or raised in Mombasa.
  • SHANZU– With Shanzu beach in place and many other hotels and bar in it’s surrounding, you will understand why this one of the places you need to visit for that beach sex vibe with your escort.
  • NYALI– Looking for class and sexy, then this is the place to be, they are not your typical Swahili ladies, they are educated and beautiful ladies you will find in the whole of Mombasa, the Nyali escorts with their big ass and brown skin will leave any man cumming and wanting more each time. You will most of the time find them shopping in Nakumatt Nyali during the day
  • BAMBURI– Pirates beach, I need not say much, the area having Kenya’s biggest public beach and most visited it has become one of the loved residential areas for the escorts who have clients at their doorsteps. Bamburi has many tourist hubs in Kenya and is Mombasa escorts estate.
  • MTWAPA– Copacabana Beach and Mtwapa Mall in Mtwapa opened up Mombasa to a whole new vibe, it’s notorious for being Mombasa sex tourism capital and has the most cases for child trafficking due to teenage porn which is loved by most of the tourists who visit the place
  • DIANI BEACH– Being located in the South Coast of Mombasa, it has Mombasa’s best hotels and beachfront views. A night in any of the hotels will cost from an upward of $150 a night. The place boasting for the high elites of Kenya’s society and tourists, the escorts located in and around the area are among the most expensive escorts you shall meet in Mombasa.
  • MOMBASA CBD/ CITY– Once passes the famous “Pembe za Ndovu” statues, ahead you will find Moi Avenue which has become notorious to hub Mombasa’s brothels and lodgings that serve as hotel rooms to some of the ladies once they get a client.


Mombasa tourism status is mainly boasted by its status of being the best sex tourist destination in Africa. Mombasa porn which mainly features Swahili ladies being fucked by white guys mostly or young Kenyan teenagers being trafficked there for porn shows. In Mombasa porn shows or orgies are usually held where top-notch porn directors for companies like Brazzers fly to shoot them. This has seen an increase in most teenagers being hooked to porn and actually trying it themselves too. Here in Erotic Kenya our Mombasa escorts offer the best of the best services especially when it comes to porn star services, their Swahili Kenyan big asses will drive you crazy.