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In early 2019, the LGBTQ community in Kenya had their first glimmer of hope after the Kenya courts ruled in their favour to decriminalize the LGBTQ movement, but soon that glimmer of light was shattered when the Kenya courts upheld the ban of same-sex marriage in Kenya, ruling it was against Kenya’s culture.

Despite it being illegal or more a taboo especially here in Kenya, Kenya leads in the number of gay porn searches, which leaves us all in a dilemma why the government refuses to legalize same-sex marriage despite the number of girls especially being expelled from high school due to same-sex relationships being on the rise.

Bisexual escorts who offer a Kenya lesbians experience

Our Erotic Kenya Lesbians escorts are bisexual and enjoy meeting female clients for a lesbian experience or at times engage in lesbian shows for some of the male clients. For many women, experiencing an intimate, sexual encounter with another woman is something they have always been curious and dreaming about but just haven’t had the chance to turn the dream into a reality, since of the many myths and taboos surrounding same-sex relationships let alone intimacy especially in the African culture. For others, calling one of our bisexual escorts is a way to enjoy the ultimate indulgence of an unhurried sexual service built towards the individual needs of a genuine lesbian woman.

Our escorts are dedicated into offering the best mutually unforgettable experience since all the escorts listed for the lesbian experience are genuinely attracted to women, and have had experience with women ensuring there will not be any awkward moment as you will also be allowed to take control of your own desires.

Whether you want to find a frequent partner, someone to fulfil your fantasies with, or, simply to enjoy an intimate sexual encounter without having to pick up someone in a bar or streets, one of our beautiful bisexual escorts are guaranteed to fulfil your desires with total satisfaction.

A male or female client who desires a live show with two female lesbian escorts

With the rise of internet use across the continent, it has the rise of African cam girls and boys who are offering live shows that vary from playing with sex toys to live porn shows, which in many instances a male client always requests to be entertained by 2 lesbian escorts. Here in Erotic Kenya, some of our escorts offer cam girl services, in which your wildest desires will be fulfilled.

Something to note is, not all escorts listed in Erotic Kenya are Bisexual or Kenya lesbians, so as avoid any awkward moment, always ensure you look to see if your escort of choice is offering the service, if not sure you can click here to see Lesbian or Bisexual escorts; Nairobi escorts, Mombasa escorts, Nakuru escorts, Kisumu escorts, and Eldoret escorts.

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