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Anal (A-levels)

Anal Kenya escort fingering her pussy while touching her anus
Kenya Anal escort showing her anus

Anal sex mainly considered to be an act of the penis penetrating the anus, but Kenya anal sex includes other forms of sexual engagements such as; fingering, use of sex toys for anal penetration, ass-rimming (anilingus– which involves of mouth, teeth, or tongue to satisfy the other person anus) and pegging (It involves a woman penetrating a man’s anus by use of mainly strap-on or any other device.)

In many communities and religions especially in Africa, anal sex was associated with same-sex relationships or intimacy, which was greatly rebuked and punished by either death or being sent away from the community.

Despite it being a taboo to even speak about it in most settings, the act of anal sex has risen hugely over this century, especially with more Africans having access to the internet, it made people more open to such acts, but in closed doors and due to lack of condoms in some instances, being used as a form of birth control in Africa.

Anal sex (A-levels) with your Kenya escorts

For both men and women, anal sex has a unique and unforgettable sensation depending on each person. Despite it being considered a taboo in most African communities but it provides some form of variety and excitement to the normal sex.

Despite it being a taboo, an attraction and likeness have grown enormously and some bit of acceptance. However, anal sex is just one of those things: you either love it or hate it. There is rarely an in-between. Most men and women have tried it at some point, and a fair few of them will never dare again.

When your Erotic Kenya escort tells they don’t enjoy anal sex, that’s just the way it is. There’s no use in asking over and over again, or just give it a try anyway while you’re at it. If your escort is open to anal play, the escort would have told you so. To avoid such experiences, make sure you choose an escort who offers such services.

Anal sex (A-levels) Benefits

In the Journal of Sexual Magazine conducted a survey in 2010, in which it showed among the 31% of the women who engaged in anal, 94% of them had had orgasms before.

From the track record we clearly tell Anal sex increased your chances for orgasms below are some of the other benefits:

  • Form of birth- control
  • Reduces stress
  • Calm and quality sleep
  • Intense orgasm

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Most escorts charge and extra cost for this type of service which is aimed to make your special fantasy come true. However, a minimum booking of 2 hours is always advised, always make sure you call the escort and express your desires rather than texting.

Some fantasies require an established trust relationship. Aside from full commitment to create a mutually enjoyable and special encounter, no absolute guarantees can, therefore, be made unless you call and agree with the escort before you both meets. To see our Erotic Kenya anal escorts, Click here; Nairobi escorts, Mombasa escorts, Nakuru Escorts, Eldoret Escorts and Kisumu escorts.

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